Knowledge has value… and since 1970, we have gained a great deal of knowledge in serving the following list of industries and applications with automation control system solutions, production line construction management and control panel manufacturing services. Our success is built upon extensive experience using effective control system strategies, best manufacturing practices, cost-saving component substitutions and agency safety compliance procedures resulting in a positive impact on our customer’s production and return on their investment.

We would be very interested in reviewing your applications and exhibiting how our skills, along with sharing an accumulation of our best-practices, can ensure a successful outcome for your company’s automation goals and objectives.


  Jacketed Vessels

  Railcar / Tank Farm Load-Out

  Truck Unloading

  Product Conveying

  Molding Lines


  Rework Systems

  Tempering Controls

  Wrapping Machines

  Palletizers / Stretch Wrappers



  Tunnel Chillers

  Cold Storage Rooms

  Tunnel Ovens

  Bulk-Dribble Weighing

  Liquid Filling Equipment

  Clean-In-Place Systems

  Extruder Controls

  Check Weighing

  Metal Detector Integration

  Reject Systems

  Scale / Bagger Integration

  Wrapped / Un-Wrapped Product Distribution

  Kitchens-Recipe Control

  Process Loop Control

  Vision Inspection-Rejection


  Vision Inspection - Rejection

  Robot Integration

  Ball Mills

  Flying Saws

  Packaging Machinery

  Palletizers / Stretch Wrappers

  Web-Sheet Production Machines

  Grinding Machines

  Label-Marking Machines

  Mixing & Processing Machines

  Lubrication Systems

  Machine Safety Upgrades


  Powered Conveyors

  Bar Code - Diverter Systems

  Sorting Systems

  Palletizers / Stretch Wrappers

  Conveyors / Elevators


  RFID Tracking / Warehousing

  Robot Integration

  Weighing / Counting


  Hydraulic Pumping Units

  Rotating Vessel - Mixers

  Tank Level Management Systems

  Positive Displacement Pumps

  Reciprocating Pumps

  Rotary Pumps

  Cooling Towers

  Sewage Treatment Pumps

  Paint Lines

  Batch Mixer

  Continuous Mixer



  Burner System Upgrades

  Furnace Controls

  Custom Electric Heater Assemblies

  Boiler Feed Water Controls

  Kilns / Ovens / Dryers

  Infrared Systems


  Blow-Molding Machinery

  Extruder Controls

  Railcar / Truck Unloading

  Automatic Mold Exchange

  Vision Inspection-Rejection

  Injection Molding


  Protective Relay Cabinets

  Switchgear Door Replacements & Filler Plates

  Hydro Governor Control Cabinets

  125 VDC Starter Panels

  Auxiliary Generator Terminal Cabinets

  Cylinder Gate Controls


  Glue / Adhesive Processing & Storage

  Intrinsically Safe Systems

  Tank Farm Load-Out

  Product Conveying


  Chemical Reactors

  Fermentation Processes

  Bulk-Dribble Weighing

  Liquid Filling Equipment

  Automated Paint Lines

  Explosion-Proof Applications

  Room Differential Pressure Alarms

  Process Air Re-Therm Systems

  Water Treatment

  Dry Powder Blending


  Tunnel Chillers

  Cold Storage Rooms

  Cooling Towers


  Process Cooling Loops

  Screw / Centrifugal Compressor Skids

  Cryogenic Systems

  Gas Separation Systems

  Building HVAC

  Heat Exchangers

  Spiral Coolers

  Environmental Chambers